My Mission

I am committed to raising only exceptional puppies with as much health and genetic testing on the parents as vet science can offer. (Never be fooled into believing that a breeder doesn't health test because they "study the lines" or "we don't get health issues"- that's code for " I don't want to cut into profits"!!!) We cannot guarantee everything, but lessening the incidence is the least we can do as responsible breeders. I feel it is wrong to breed dogs in an overpopulated environment unless you are providing a far superior dog to one you could find in the pound or from a backyard breeder. I take breeding very seriously, and make my choices based on health, temperament, and structural soundness. My puppies are more expensive than some, less so than others. The difference between my pups and that ball of fluff in the pet store may be slight at 8 weeks; but at 2, 5, 8, and 12 years the difference will be patently clear. Beautiful, long lived dogs with stable, biddable temperaments, free of health problems, and properly socialized are the special pets families reminisce about long after they are gone. Those are the type of poodles I am proud to breed.
We raise our puppies and dogs holistically, with quality food (raw and kibble), fluoride free water, and minimal vaccinations. Plenty of free running exercise in their fenced acre, sun, and swimming make for happy poodles. Our dogs live as a group, only seperated or put in kennels for their own safety when we are not home. Our acreage gives them ample room for supervised nature walks, as well as upland hunting. Our home is not fancy, but we have designed it so the dogs can live inside our home with us. Poodles are not the type of dog that are happy living in a kennel facility. Our puppies grow up in a state of the art puppy room with a time tested design that provides them safety, cleanliness, room to play and explore, sensory stimulation, and access to outdoors at all times at appropriate ages. The puppy pens change weekly to fit their needs to as they grow and develop. Our mom dogs are kept comfortable with full time access to outside, food and water, their puppies, and space to get away from pups as they grow. We allow them to wean their puppies on their own schedule. Weekly open houses allow visitors to see our facility and helps us socialize our puppies that much better. Our pups also walk and swim on the acreage when old enough and have access to free play with the adults to learn pack skills.
                                Raising wonderful pups is an art and a science.

 I hope you will welcome a Spirit or Vintage poodle into your life, as I am excited to add you to our family!

About Us

I'm Jennifer Anderson, NCMG, and thanks for looking at my website!  I currently own Paws At Your Door Mobile Grooming, offering exceptional mobile grooming by a Certified Master Groomer to the picky/busy client.  I am currently taking new clients (612)499-0399. I also own The Cat's Meow, a feline exclusive grooming salon with boarding suites. (952)582 -4429
If you have followed our kennel for the last 10-15 years, you will know that we have moved a lot. We have been settled here MN since 2008. We currently own an 8 acre property near Northfield, MN. Our dogs have 1 fenced acre to roam, plus off leash trails, and wild land for upland hunting. Prior to that, I was an instructor at the Paragon School of Pet Grooming in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where our first litter was born and raised.  I worked with professional handler Jennifer Dege in 2007. I had a great time taking care of 20+ dogs in the kennel, travelling to shows, evaluating puppies, and learning about grooming gorgeous show dogs.  From 2004- 2006, I was living in Anchorage, Alaska.  I was living a dream of having my own grooming salon, Canine Design Pet Spa, which I started from the ground up. Business grew exponentially, and I was blessed to be so successful, but Anchorage was too cold for me! So I sold the business, and after all those moves, we are happy right where we are!

I have worked in grooming salons since I was 16 years old, and have always looked forward to going to work. I find grooming to be a great outlet for my creativity and art. Through the years, I always admired the standard poodles for their stable temperaments in a stressful environment. Young or old, they all behaved with dignity, grace, and sensibility. I did not see this exhibited in other breeds. So I decided a poodle was for me, and started researching for a good breeder. Having seen the heartache and (let's be honest) hideousness of puppymill and backyard bred poodles, I decided to spend the big bucks on a health tested, champion bred dog. I found my first dog, Fancy, and a retired show pup was mine! Her exceptional temperament, eagerness to learn, beauty, and loving nature hooked me on standards for life! After that, I got the show bug, and the rest is history. I still have much to learn, and I always look forward to the next dog show.  I love meeting and talking with other poodle people, and also new people who are interested in the breed. I could "talk poodle"all day!
 We are members of:
The Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association
The land o lakes retriever club
United Kennel Club Licensed Conformation Judge since 2013
Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association

Our facebook page is updated many times a week, you will find the most timely info there. Search for Spirit Poodles & Vintage Parti Poodles

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