UAG2 GrCH Vintage Attire by Amandi RN, NA,NAJ

UKC 5x Best in Show HIT GrandChampion Vintage Attire by Amandi, RN,NA,NAJ,CL1, UAGII, CGC, CA.
 "Roxie" was ranked #4 in the Top Ten Poodles in America in  UKC conformation shows in 2010! Ranked #8 Poodle for 2008.
  Roxie is our black and white parti poodle! After researching pedigrees, studying breeders, and waiting nearly 2 years, I found a parti who's pedigree, parentage, lack of inbreeding, and health testing was above and beyond any other parti colored pedigree out there at that time. This is a truly special girl. She was one of the few partis in the country that were sired by a solid colored AKC champion.  Roxie is the foundation of my parti  breeding program and she has given her balanced movement, correct shoulder angle, and exemplary attitude to our lines. She was one of the best particolor poodles out there at the time she was showing.  She has been extremely successful in limited UKC showing and AKC agility and lure coursing. She started dock jumping at 7 years old!  She has very high working drive, with intense prey drive. These traits make her a great performance dog. True to poodle temperament, she can turn it off and she is calm and easy going in the house. Her willing, always happy attitude rounds out our household quite well.  I can easily say she has the best temperament of any dog I've ever owned. This temperament is produced strongly in her puppies and grandpuppies.
  •   Roxie completed  her UKC Championship at just 7 months of age. 
  • She acheived her Grand champion title at the UKC Nationals with an Award of Merit!
  • Roxie earned her  AKC Rally (RN) obedience title easily in August 2009.
  • She earned her first of many Agility titles in May 2010.
  • She produced the 2010 Poodle National Specialty Breed Winner- our "Sunday."
  • Earned 2 UKC Total Dog awards- winning best of breed and qualifying in performance- exemplifying what our breeding program is about.
  • 5 time UKC Best in Show winner and 2 time reserve Best in Show winner- her children have received 4 BIS and 3 RBIS as well.
  • Earned a High in Trial at an Agility trial going 38 seconds under course time!
  • Loves lure coursing, earning her AKC Title in that in 3 shows
  • Started competing in dock jumping events in 2014 and has 4 legs towards her UKC title!
  • A born show dog and a truly exceptional dog to own.
  • Earned 2 new UKc Agility titles with first place in the trial at 13 years old- this dog doesn't age!
  • Earned her final title in CPE Agility at 14 years old!!

Roxie's Health Tests:
CHIC certified

OFA Hips: Excellent 2011
OFA Elbows: Clear/normal 2011
CERF Eye Exam: Normal 2009/10/11/14
OFA NE: Clear by DNA 3/09
OFA Thyroid : Normal
DM DNA test: clear
VWD: Clear by Parentage
35-40 lbs and 21 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder
Go to to verify these results or ask for copies of certificates.
Roxie is spayed and retired from breeding after 3 litters. 
Roxie passed away on July 27th, 2023 at 16 years old- she was healthy and active until that day- taking no medications and never having suffered any health issues. She astounded everyone who met her in her later years with her activity level and youthfullness. We will always miss her sweet and easygoing nature.

Roxie's current show wins...

  •  March 2008: UKC Champion title in just two shows, nearly undefeated at 7 months
  •  April 2008: 3 passes towards her Grand champion title at Edwardsburg MI, shows and also a Gun dog Group 4th placement (over our stunning Tripoli, I might add)
  • May 2008:  Another grand pass in Centerville, MI  and a Group 1st placement! We were thrilled! This at just 9 months!
  • June 2008 : At the largest UKC Show in the nation, Roxie was in a large Champion class.  She took a reserve Champion win and an Award of Merit.  We were pleased when a majority of the judges commented on her oustanding quality. -Premier  UKC Show, MI.
  • June 2008: At the Multi-Colored Poodle Club of America Specialty, she recieved an Award of Merit from an esteemed AKC/UKC judge. Premier UKC Show, MI
  • Fall 2008: Recieved her first qualifying score towards her rally obedience title at her very first obedience competition! Lake Elmo, AKC, MN.
  • 2008: Roxie finished 2008 as one of the Top Ten Multicolor Poodles in America! She was shown only 5 months, from February 2008 to mid- June of 2008. She was shown only in Michigan , and only one show weekend per month. She is the only multicolor I have ever shown, so she has never brought her own points (extra filler dogs) unlike some of the other poodles in the Top Ten.
  • March 2009: At USGDA UKC conformation shows- Roxie recieved multiple group placements in a large, competitive gun dog group. She topped it off with Best in Show!!
  • April 2009:  At the AE club of minnesota UKC show , Roxie recieved First place in  3 out the the 4 gun dog groups as well as another Best in Show!
  • August 2009: Roxie completes her  AKC Rally Novice Obedience title in just 3 shows. One day she recieved a 100 out of 100 points score- giving her second place in the trial! Lake Elmo-AKC-MN.
  • December 2009: Just 3 months after giving birth to 7 puppies, Roxie gaited her way into a Group 1st and Group 3rd placements at the UGSDA shows in MN.
  • April 2010: Roxie recieves multiple group 1 and 2 placements and a Reserve Best in Show! USGDA shows, MN
  • March 2010: At her first CPE agility trial she qualified 7 out of 10 runs to acheive her Standards Level 1 title and 2 other games titles! She recieved many first place ribbons also. CPE, MN.
  • August 2010: Second agility trial ever she completes her  agility level 1 title and 4 more legs towards her Level 2. She garners many 1st place awards including a 14 second run! CPE, MN
  • June 2010: At the UKC Nationals-Premier, she wins Best of Breed at the Gun Dog Speciality, gaining her Grand Champion title! Her daughter rockets to #2 poodle with her Best of Breed wins. UKC Premier, Indiana
  • October 2010: At UKC Nationals- Gateway, she wins two Best of Breed awards over her daughter and a large entry, including a group 3rd placement.  UKC, Missouri
  • October 2010: She earns her UKC Agility title with 1st places in every qualifying run. She also wins best of breed in the conformation ring, earning her the coveted Total Dog Award! That awards dogs with beauty AND brains! UKC, Missouri
  • December 2011: Roxie blesses us with a surprise litter of 9 from our stud, Trip!  Blacks, blues and browns! Our next generation of parti factored champs!
  • January 2011: Roxie finishes the year ranked #4 in UKC Top Ten conformation showing for 2010. 
  • April 2011: Best in Show and a Total Dog Award with her first UKC Rally leg also! UKC, Minnesota
  • August 2011: Herding Instinct Tested to show aptitude for herding sheep! MN
  • Jan 2012: Competes for her AKC standard and Novice Jumpers with weaves titles and gets her standard in 3 shows with 3 first places in the the 20 inch class! AKC ,WI
  • May 2012: Completes her AKC NJWW title with many first placements! AKC MN
  • May 2012: Gets her first 2 legs on her AKC lure coursing title. AKC MN
  • May 2012: Shows as a "ringer" in UKC conformation and wins Best of Breed 3 out of 6 shows, UKC MI
  • Sept. 2012: Gains her UKC Agility level 2 title in the minimum requirement with multiple perfect scores and first placements, UKC MN
  • Sept 2012: Earns a High in Trial ( Best dog in show) at the UKC agility trial! Perfect score and 38 seconds under course time. UKC MN

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