Puppies Available

We have puppies available!   We are currently taking deposits on male puppies in blue and silver from two litters:

  • CobaltX Sky- born on July 19th -go home dates of Sept 22-25- This is a highly genetically diverse litter! Blue males available-

 Health testing of cobalt: SPIRIT RARE ELEMENT (ofa.org)

Health Testing of Sky:THUNDERRUN SKY AT PINK BEGONIA (ofa.org)

  • FridayX Gideon - born on August 27 and go home dates of November 3-6- This is a genetically diverse match, and we have used Gideon before and had puppies with excellent temperaments and structure. Blues and silvers available

Health Testing of Friday: SPIRIT VINTAGE FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE (ofa.org)

Health testing of Gideon: ARREAU'S KING CREOLE (ofa.org)


Due to incredibly high volume of applications and only 2 litters a year,  we now only accept applications during a certain window of time. When one of our females is confirmed pregnant, we will add our application form here. Applications  that fit our criteria will be saved and the family will receive an email or call to get more information within one week. Applications that do not fit our criteria will be deleted. Once accepted, we take a $500 non refundable deposit for that litter. 

If you do not see an application form link directly below- the window of application is closed. Thanks!

Click here for puppy application

Visit our Facebook page below for all videos and pictures of our current litters! 

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