AKC BBE Champion Spirit Slate of the Art

Slate was born here from our Pheobe and Dodge from Jacknic kennel. He is a sweet blue, stylish male who quickly finished his AKC champion at 1 day over 12 months of age. He earned 4 4 point major wins to gain his championship quickly. He was always shown ownerhandled and from the bred by class. Being a bred by exhibitor champion is one of the highest honors of a breeder, and he is a very special dog to me. He has beautiful angles, front and rear, lovely set of tail (with too much curl), long neck, sound correctly timed movement, and a lovely head and eye. 

He also won his UKC championship shaved very short with multiple group 1 awards. 

Slate LOVES to retrieve, swim, and cuddle. He learned obedience very easily and has a natural heel. 

Despite being one of our most beautiful dogs we have every bred, we have chosen to place Slate on a pet home. He developed some same sex aggression as he aged, as well as fear of some strangers.  Temperament is the most important thing to me as a breeder, and despite being overall a wonderful dog to be around, he is not stable enough for me to add to my lines. This was a devastating decision to come to, but the right one ultimately.  He is healthy and flourishing in his new home.